Edgardo Cantu

President and CEO of Vector Casa de Bolsa

Mr. Edgardo Cantú Delgado is the President and CEO of Vector Casa de Bolsa, where he has worked since 1990. In his current position as CEO and President since 2003, Mr. Cantú has led Vector to its present position as one of the largest and most well recognized private banking networks in Mexico and most recently expanding to some countries in LATAM.

Mr. Cantu has more than 32 years of experience in financial areas in well-known groups such as Cementos Mexicanos (CEMEX), Cigarrera La Moderna (BAT), Pulsar Group (now Plenus) and Vector. Through his long career in finance, Mr. Cantú has gained extensive experience in the analysis, evaluation and development of business plans for companies in a wide range of sectors and has also participated in a series of financing transactions (equity and debt), fusions, acquisitions and sales of firms. Additionally, he has broad experience in investment portfolio management in local and international markets.

Edgardo is on the Board of Directors for a number of investment fund management firms, of particular note the “Mexico Fund,” the first Mexican fund quoted on the New York Stock Exchange.  He is also on the Board of Directors of the Mexican Association of Stock Brokers, Vector Casa de Bolsa; the Mexican Stock Exchange, as well as several private companies in the agribusiness and information technology sectors. Mr. Cantú has his BA and MBA from the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM).